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brooklyn nursery school and
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If you are looking for Brooklyn preschools or Independent elementary schools:

Most families meet me in the spring, summer and very early fall for this consult. Application for most independent preschools begins the day after Labor Day (for the following school year). Stand alone preschools follow throughout the fall.

If you are looking for Brooklyn public elementary schools:

I meet with families year round who want this information, although many come to me in the fall and winter. Application and registration for public kindergarten is Jan. to mid Feb. (for the following Sept.)

Most families meet with me for two hours - $400
If we are tackling more complex information, we meet for three hours - $600

I come to your home or office on weekdays between 8am-6:30pm

If you would like to meet with me for 1 hour in person - $250
You must have a very limited subject or significant background information for this. I can't edit a two hour consult, and just give you the highlights. You will miss vital details.
Or we talk on the phone for 15 to 60 min. - $50 - ($200 per hour) about just one or two questions.

Two hours ($400) would be appropriate if:

  1. Soup to Nuts for New Parents
    You are a very new parent (or soon to be new parent) and you want to find your footing and get a general overview of school culture in Brooklyn. We will talk about what to consider, the difference between public vs. private, what people generally do and when. This is a big picture over-view/conversation. We don’t get into all the minutia. We may have time to talk about some appropriate neighborhood “small ‘p’ private” preschools for you to start to consider.
  2. Public School: Prek and K
    You need a full explanation of your public kindergarten options, procedures and timelines; zoned, out of zone, un-zoned, G&T, charter, dual language. We sit down with the map, timelines, data, procedures and hash it all out.
  3. Moving for Schools
    You are considering a move for public elementary school and want to take a look at various neighborhoods and the different options associated with a variety of districts and zones. I can’t tackle this with any other topic – it is just too big and confusing.
  4. Private for Nursery and Kindergarten
    You are applying to preschool and you are considering both stand alone private preschools and Independent ongoing private schools. If you want to enlarge the topic to discuss public vs. private at kindergarten you need a longer consult.

Three hours ($600) is required if:

You are weighing the public vs. private elementary school decision-making process. This conversation often happens when you have a toddler. We will be talking about all the public options associated with your current address (zoned, un-zoned, G&T, dual language) and the “big ‘P’ privates”. What to consider and how to navigate your applications.
It is NOT possible to also include information about a move in 3 hours. All our heads will explode.

I don’t do group consults for preschool or kindergarten aged students.
I know that it seems hard to believe that there is enough to talk about, but I assure you that I will be talking as fast as I can for two hours to make sure to get all the information in. When you add a second family's needs and wants the conversation becomes unwieldy and impossible.

* if you are budget sensitive, I recommend that you come to one of my general talks to get the basics and book a shorter phone consult after you have done some good sleuthing on Insideschools.org. We can make very efficient use of time that way. Let me know what you know, so we can figure out how much time we need.

Information available for Brooklyn school district 13 (Brooklyn Heights to western Bed Stuy), district 14 (Williamsburg/Greenpoint), district 15 (Bococa, Park Slope to Sunset Park), school district 17 (Lefferts Gardens) and northern district 22 (Park Slope South and northern Ditmas)