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high school services

NYC High School Choice: Calm and Clear Talk

I give this talk in March, the summer and early September. The earlier you get this information the easier your fall will be. Model good study skills for your child. Don't procrastinate.

This two hour talk is the antidote to the fear and confusion that surrounds NYC public high school choice. It is a perfect introduction for public and private middle school families who want to be prepared for the HS Fair and tours in Oct. More than an explanation of the process, it is a template to organize and manage the process, ratchet down the fear, understand the big picture, and enable you to efficiently put together a short list of schools to tour.

City-wide Public High School Choice

Families meet with me in the summer or early fall, often after they have been to my talk or become familiar with the high school application basics. I take my last high school consults by Halloween

$200 per hour.
How long we meet depends on how much background you need. Families often book me for 1 to 1.5 hours early/mid touring season in the fall, to talk about their lists, see what may be missing, to confirm fine points about the process. I often meet with both the parents and the students, but I don't have to.

Just one question

15 minutes for $50. 30 minutes for $100.