Make informed choices

Thinking of moving to Brooklyn?

Weighing the choice between public or private school?

Wondering about your zoned school and other options?

Navigating NYC public school after years in private school?

Confused and stressed about your middle school choices?

Daunted by the NYC high school directory?

Just feel like you don't have enough information to decide?

Lets talk.

In the Press

Financial Times
"Costly Child Care Hurts Growth"
by Christopher Booker, Seb Morton-Clark & Ben Marino

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"Making Money: Schooling Brooklyn Parents"
by Kelly Bare

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"The Get Into School Card"
by Michelle Higgins

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by Elisa Gootman

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by Jim Rendon

"Williamsburg, Toddlertown"

The Wall Street Journal
"Some Schools Buck Trend of High Costs"
by Sophia Hollander

"Brooklyn Sees Growth in Schools Consultants"

by Sophia Hollander

WNYC / The New York Times collaboration
For Public School Parents, A Hired Hand To Hold

NBC Education Nation
Finding the Right NYC School

Expert Advice on Sharing Your Child's Weaknesses
by Jenny Anderson

The New York Times: The Local
"At the FGA: Homes, Schools and a Mysterious Guest"
by Roisin Wisneski

New York Family/Brooklyn Magazine
"Bell the Tolls"
by Karen Connel

"School Smarts" Feature article about NYC School Help,
September 2008

Time Out New York Kids
"Neighborhood Report: Park Slope"
, October 2008

 The New York Post
"Best High Schools" August 23, 2009

Reporter's Roundtable on Education
with Toni Williams
BCAT October 6, 2008

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